Touch displays

Large Screen Touch Monitors

Available in 42", 55", 65", 84", and 98"

Best-in-class multitouch support in a wide range of screen sizes

Our 42"-84" InGlassTM Multitouch Series large touchscreen monitors offer Full HD or 4K support and feature full-width clear glass with no raised bezel. These displays are very stylish and highly responsive. They work with a finger, glove and passive stylus. The surface has an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints.

Our 98” 4K IR Multitouch Display features clear glass and enhanced passive stylus support (for finer tips) thanks to the advanced touch sensors in the raised bezel surrounding the display. These very large multitouch monitors are ideal for larger rooms and meeting areas or to replace smaller video walls.

All Mesa Mundi displays support RS-232 (and most also support Ethernet) for telemetry and control, ensuring compatibility with most standard room controllers. These high-quality displays are designed and constructed to provide a long life and ease of maintenance, with ready access to key components and firmware upgradability in the field.

42”-84” InGlass™ Multitouch Series

Tablet-like Touch in Full HD or 4K

Touch displays

The InGlass Multitouch series of touchscreen displays, available in Full HD or 4K, deliver a brilliant image in a true edge-to-edge enclosure from 42” to 84” wide.

InGlass Touch technology enables an ideal interactive viewing experience. There is no sensor grid obstructing the visual clarity of the screen and the anti-fingerprint treated glass is highly transmissive.

Finger, Stylus & Glove Support

The 10-40 touch points can sense more than 1,000 levels of pressure. This enables pressure sensitive drawing and writing as well as new application gestures.

The highly responsive and accurate InGlass™ touchscreen technology works with passive styluses and users wearing gloves. The added ability to detect pressure enables more advanced functionality.

Digital Whiteboard-Ready InGlass Multitouch Displays

Touch displays


Touch displays


InGlass Multitouch Display Features

The InGlass Multitouch series offers industry-leading touchscreen performance and features:

42”-55” in Full HD

55”-84” in 4K

Edge-to-edge design

Up to 40 touch points

Ultra-fast response

Stylus/finger differentiation

1000 levels of pressure

Windows, Linux, Android

Final assembly in the USA

98" 4K IR Multitouch Display

Brilliant. Responsive. Engaging


A brilliant 98" touchscreen IPS display in a sleek enclosure

IR touch technology enhances the user experience with a fast and intuitive interface, perfect for presentations and collaborative efforts.

Twelve highly responsive touch points allow for flexible interactivity. Optically bonded anti-glare glass supports touch and increases ruggedness while maintaining excellent clarity at any viewing distance.

Key features of the 98" 4K IR multitouch display

4K Ultra High Definition

Run content in Full HD or 4K

Wide viewing angle

Low power consumption

Optically bonded glass overlay

Up to 12 touch points

Final assembly in the USA