d20Pro and Mesa Mundi join forces

Mesa Mundi, Inc. has acquired the d20Pro virtual tabletop product, its related technology, and core team from MindGene, LLC. This move advances their long-standing shared goal of developing innovative products for digital table-top gaming. Mesa Mundi’s CEO, Tobias Drewry, sums it up well, saying “d20Pro’s best-in-class virtual table-top solution is a clear complement to Mesa Mundi’s wide range of multi-touch technologies.”

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Gencon 2014: Booth #617

We will be stationed in booth #617 at Gencon 2014 starting August 14th. In addition to representing ourselves as a bastion of multitouch in a hall full of analog solutions, we will be representing a brand new partnership.  Mesa Mundi Inc. and d20Pro have merged to form a stronger alliance to bui...

PAX 2014 - Highlights

We were at PAX this year with a 20x20 booth and the turnout was excellent!  All four sections of our area saw a lot of traffic as people came by to look at the displays. In the this picture, you can see the initial draft of the booth plans.     These were refined somewhat, resulting in the versi...

PAX East 2014

We are going to have a very strong presence at PAX East this year.  We're sporting a 20ft x 20ft booth with a number of key exhibits.  We will be showing off a new line of touch table products based on the Monolith series screens.  These tables use a tool less construction technique that allows t...